6 tips for taking care of your car’s windscreen

6 tips for taking care of your car’s windscreen

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Car windscreens play a vital role in keeping you safe while on the road. They protect you and your passengers from the strong wind and flying debris. Therefore, it is important to take good care of them to ensure that they are in top shape and will last as long as possible. Here are six tips that you should keep in mind:

Clean windscreens regularly

Normally, car windscreens accumulate dirt and dust, which can add up over time as your car gets exposed to the elements. The dirt buildup can then negatively affect your visibility. Regularly, cleaning your windscreen prevents this.

Use non-abrasive materials, such as microfibre cloths, to avoid scratching the surface. Scratches reduce the glass’ transparency, making it difficult to look through. Use gentle, but firm, circular motion carefully turning the cloth regularly. This is so you always use the “clean” side to avoid scratching the class with the dirt that is now on the cloth.

Replace old wiper blades

Wiper blades deteriorate over time, and sometimes, dirt and small rocks can become embedded in them. This can scratch car windscreens when active. Always check on the condition of your wipers and replace them regularly. Check it out at

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners

Regular window cleaners often have ammonia in them. You should never use them to clean your windscreen. The ammonia can damage the rubber and sealant used to attach windscreens to the car frame. This can lead to leaks and potential weakening of the bond between your car and the glass. Ammonia can also damage the tint, so if your glass is tinted, this is something you should avoid.

Avoid slamming your doors too hard

Slamming the doors too hard creates vibrations. These vibrations can weaken the windscreen seal. Tiny cracks may also form if the vibration is strong enough. These cracks can grow over time compromising the windscreen integrity. Always use just enough force when closing doors to avoid these.

Never use boiling water to melt the frost

You’ve probably heard about a ‘trick’ of quickly melting ice using boiling water. However, this actually does more bad than good. The sudden change of temperature (from freezing to boiling) will cause the glass to warp and crack.

Some cars have heated windscreens which slowly raise the temperature to melt ice. Alternatively, regular ice scrapers can do the job just as well.

Have small cracks repaired immediately

If you find small cracks or chips on the glass, have them checked by professionals right away. These can grow over time, so you have to make sure that you fix them as soon as possible. Consult an experienced and professional technician to get a really thorough assessment. They can accurately determine the extent of damage and give recommendations to fix it. Make sure that they are certified to handle cracked windscreen repairs to be sure.

Get expert advice from the team at Allscreens Nationwide!

Have a team of expert professionals handle all your windscreen repair needs. Allscreens Nationwide offers car and HGV Windscreen repairs Birmingham wide. They also offer windscreen repairs and windscreen fitting Cumbria and the surrounding areas.

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Jeep Compass – Great Off-Road Vehicles

Jeep Compass – Great Off-Road Vehicles


A lot of youngsters and even the not so younger ones love to drive the off-roaders. The manufacturers of automobiles also cater to their tastes by building cars that have the smooth 4-wheel drives and just help them glide through the rough terrains. There are different kinds of people who need these vehicles with off-road capabilities. Some of them desperately need them to access their farms or mining locations or a lumbering yard and so on. Again, they may have to go there every day or make a visit periodically. The other category does it for fun. There is the inherent adventurous streak in men and women, which escapes through such daring cross-country drives in their favourite jeep compass Brisbane dealers sell or similar such SUVs.

The Car with Muscles is a Kind of Positioning

Reputed marketing gurus have coined a word “positioning” as one of the important tools used by product managers while designing and promoting their products. In this case of the Brisbane jeep grand Cherokee, for example, Chrysler has created this image of these vehicles being very strongly built and are meant to be used by a certain section of the population inclined towards having a carefree drive across all surfaces. At one point in time, the Jeep Cherokee used to be an iconic vehicle patronised by a certain section of the society. That is what positioning does to a product. When you are looking for jeeps for sale, the ideal way is to hop across to the nearest dealer and take a look or even a test drive of some of those beauties before you decide to go ahead and makes the purchase.

Vehicles need to be checked

If you are buying a brand new Brisbane jeep wrangler or any other model, it is a different matter. Even there, you would still take the test drive and get a feel on the wheel and so on. But if you are planning to buy a used car then you will want to be a little more confident that you are investing in a decent vehicle that should serve you for a few years. But there is every possibility that the jeep compass Brisbane dealers sell would do the work for you. The used cars are normally put through a series of checks to ensure that the vehicles meet the standards set. Key parts and components are changed to new ones and the interior and exterior are given a complete makeover. When you drive out the car your friends may not even know you are in a used car.

Dealer helps with the Financing As Well

You cannot discuss the buying of a car without talking about the financing of the purchase. Whether your intent is to buy a new jeep compass Brisbane dealers sell or an old one, the dealer will definitely have the solution to assist you with the funding for it. There is normally a tie-up with a reputed auto finance company and they would put through the paperwork and offer you a convenient option of buying the car and making the repayments. Your satisfaction would be the key in all these transactions. Just go ahead and make the purchase.

If in doubt, turn to sites like

Maintaining Your Peugeot to be One of Your Best Cars Ever


Peugeot is a French car manufacturer, part of Group PSA, which started as a family business founded in 1880. The Peugeot brand is known for its reliability as its 1950s and 1960s models are still running in Africa and 2010s. According to Mike Costello, French car makers are making more headway with Australian car buyers this year, based on sales statistics of the first two months and the Peugeot is among these French cars. Purchasing and owning new cars in Brisbane is not cheap. Thus, it is important to maintain and regularly service your Brisbane Peugeot car. This article highlights basic tips to consider keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Washing, polishing and waxing

The first process of maintaining your Brisbane Peugeot car is by taking care of its finish. This is done by washing, polishing and waxing the car regularly thus preserving its appearance for the future. Washing is done by use of a car shampoo which removes dirt gently and a lamb’s wool mitt can be used to sweep the debris without scratching the finish. After every cleaning, polishing should be done by using a special wheel with a soft pad and a polishing compound and later apply a coat of wax to seal the finish of the car.

Clean interior

A Brisbane Peugeot car with a well maintained interior is pleasurable to drive and remains in good shape in case of a resale. The interior maintenance involves occasional vacuuming of the fabric and carpet and at least once a year steam cleaning with the help of various cleaning products. Also apply an interior polish in order to add moisture to the trim of the car and prevent drying and cracking of the plastic on the dashboard and other areas. Click here Brisbane City Automotive

Oil change and alignment

Another important factor to consider is changing the oil of your Peugeot which is needed to keep its engine lubricated and running smoothly. There is information in the owner’s manual that will guide you on how often to change oil of your particular model, and on the oil viscosity best for your vehicle engine. You can also visit a Brisbane new car dealer in case of any enquiries. Also ensure you check the alignment of your Peugeot. This is the orientation of the wheels as poor alignment creates wear on the tyre.

Tyres and storage

To maintain the tyres of your vehicle, keep them inflated. Tyres are rated for a recommended air pressure which is at the sidewall of the tyre. This helps to reduce wear from driving and strain on other parts of the car. You can use an air gauge to quickly check air pressure. Also, it’s important to store your automobile inside or under cover to preserve the finish of the car and its internal components. When you expose your car to sun, rain and cold weather, it wears over time.

With proper car maintenance, a Peugeot can last for many years. For information on how to buy a new car or for a visit to a Brisbane used car dealer,  visit

Kia Carnival is the real people-mover vehicle


Kia Sportage is a car that is built on the strength of the South Korean brand of long term ownership credentials and is supported by new design and safety features. Kia has spent a considerable time in improving the cabin of Sportage just like it had done in the Kia Carnival. The suspension of Kia is top notch and Kia is on a roller coaster ride with models like Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell.

Kia – appeal is impressive

Kia is a reputed automobile brand known for beating the competition by introducing technically sound vehicles. The brand appeal of Kia can be understood by the fact that the cars have been in the top 100 in the Interbrand best global brand list for the last five years. Vibrant, distinctive, reliable are some of the terms that are associated with the KIA brand. Their popularity is on a rise because the company is sponsoring sporting events that are popular among youths. The Australian Open, FIFA, UEFA are some of the sporting events that KIA is sponsoring. You can click on websites like to know more about Kia as a brand.

KIA Carnival – the specialties

Kia Carnival arrived in Australia in 1999 and the Kia Carnival Brisbane car dealers sell is a family vehicle.  The Grand Carnival was introduced in 2006 and the company has gone back to the original name. The design of the new vehicle is impressive. The rounder look of the old model has been trimmed. Sharp modern lines have been introduced on the exterior and the interior has become more modern with a good LCD screen and spacious dashboard. The driver seat is comfortable and corners are well bolstered. KIA Carnival accommodates eight people comfortably and gives you a valuable seat option when compared with other SUVs.

The key feature of this vehicle is that the third row is spacious. The middle row seat stands up rather than tumbling forward and that increases the space in the third row. The vehicle is available in petrol and diesel variants. The Brisbane new Kia Carnival in the petrol version comes with a V-6 engine of 3.3-liter. The platinum carnival version comes with an automatic transmission. The latest model of the new Kia Carnival Australia dealers sell is meant for those people who love to stay hydrated always.10 cup holders and four bottle holders are the norm in the latest vehicle and it has three USB ports. The vehicle also has three 12 –volt power outlets. Check it out at Kia Carnival Brisbane

Power of the diesel engine

The diesel Carnival suits people who wish to keep the fuel bills down without a compromise on power factor. The handling has been sharp and acceleration has been top notch. There are no lags between gears and the gear ratio is perfect. Cornering is very easy and there is no body roll and it is a big achievement considering the vehicle size. Not only that, the U–turns are perfect and reversing camera and rear parking sensors make the vehicle more attractive. The diesel model of the Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell is available for a test ride at every showroom in Brisbane.

Power of the petrol version

Sitting in the driver seat is fun and you would enjoy the ride without any fatigue. A nicely adjusted braking system brings the all-new Carnival to stop smoothly, and the smoother suspension and sharper steering are two additional plus points.

Kia as a brand is on a roll as they know how to introduce new vehicles and churn the market. The entry of Carnival has bolstered the image of Kia. For more information, visit at:

Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Car


Several people today prefer buying second hand cars instead of new ones for plenty of reasons. For a start, prices of second hand cars are lower. Secondly, expenses incurred during the buying process like insurance and taxes are reduced. Other than price, a number of factors also exist that must be looked into before choosing the dream second hand car. After all, striking the right balance between risk and value is of utmost importance when purchasing a used car. These include:

Second hand cars
Second hand cars
  • Reliability – Used cars seem to be more appealing as a result of improved reliability. Consumer reports indicate that cars that have been in use for five years in recent past exhibit fewer problems as compared to the five year used cars from 2007. A few years back, exhaust system of cars and rust posed numerous challenges. These days however, these problems are rare because car engines are sturdy, and smoke transmission is also less. Current cars can be on the road for more than 100,000 miles and will not pose any challenge of an overhaul. Some of them go for even 200,000miles. This however, depends largely on where one makes a purchase. With that, what the car dealers Beaudesert Au companies render to clients is the best pick.
  • Warranties and Repairs – Used cars may be reliable, but repair and maintenance costs have to be considered too. A car’s life within the first few years is often covered by comprehensive warranty since it experiences fewer problems. To be safe therefore, there is a need for a mechanic to inspect everything to avoid problems in the future. That’s why, what the second hand cars Beaudeserthas nowadays is a great choice since they are tried, tested and found to be valuable.
  • Depreciation – A new car has a major disadvantage; rapid depreciation. Once the car is driven off the dealership, its value begins to drop immediately. After just a few years on the road, the car’s value will go down by about 30%. It is imperative to know what each model’s worth will be in a few years to come. Thus, the new cars Beaudesert offers is again a perfect match to your needs. Depreciation is greatly determined by car model, perceived quality and design generation. A car buyer must have an idea before purchase.
  • Safety – While several people prefer used cars; it could compromise the safety of the driver. Older vehicles may lack electronic stability control, airbags and frontal airbag systems meant to protect the head. Before purchasing second hand cars, an individual must ensure most features are present.
  • Insurance – Second hand cars cost less in insurance in comparison to new ones.
  • Certification – Buying a used car has the advantage of certified pre-owned programs. This happened before on luxury cars only before it moved to other models. Importance of certification include;
  1. Manufactures look for latest models with low mileage and no history of extensive damage.
  2. Certified vehicles undergo a thorough inspection process before they are accepted.
  3. They are covered by warranty that often extends beyond factory warranty.
  4. Most manufacturers offer financing on CPO cars.

Clients often look for the best available deals. You may consider deals from scenic motors.

Superb Technology of Peugeot 308


If you plan to buy the all-new 308 5 door Peugeot, you should know what to expect. In terms of technology, the model comes with several technological innovations, all designed to improve comfort while driving as well as assisting the driver while behind the steering.

All-New 308 5 door peugeot

Here are some of the technological improvements that come with all-new 308 5 door Peugeot:

Touch screen technology

On the central dashboard, the driver has a fingertip operation provided by touch screen technology. With the 9.7 inches touch screen tablet inscribed on the dashboard, the driver can access all features. Besides, the driver can customize the operation based on personal preferences.

Sound and audio

In addition to the touch screen provision, the all-new 308 5 door Peugeot comes with superb audio and sound provision. The touch screen offers a high compatibility with a wide range of devices, which allows driver to select and listen to music without much struggle. Driver can select his music according to album covers, create a personalized playlist, and store them conveniently.

Besides, you have the opportunity to view your photos using plug and play USB stick. Once you hit the parking lot, you can take a short while to have a look at your photos. The digital radio on the dashboard provides a higher sound quality, with provision to rewind, pause, or forward.

Electric power steering

The new electric power steering technology replaces the old version of electro hydraulic version. The new system of steering reduces carbon dioxide emissions and enables the driver to handle the car easily in tight situations such as inner city roads and parking areas without enough space.

With features not present in other models of Peugeot such as Peugeot 208 G TI, the new 308 model offers improved conditions for driving and handling. New 308 models are available from reliable dealers where you can get your model at discounted price.


Notable aerodynamics in Peugeot 308 includes improved style, dimensions, and a lower center of gravity. All these are for the good of driving, leading to improved air penetration, which in the end reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions. In the end, the vehicle becomes environment friendly.

Reverse camera

Reverse camera technology is non-present in other models. While shopping for your Peugeot model, it is advisable to shop around first and identify a reliable dealer with a variety of models to choose from. Whether you want Peugeot 508 model or Peugeot 308 cc, finding a reliable dealer is the first step.

In the all-new 308 model, the reverse camera technology allows the driver to see the images behind the car on the touch screen on the dashboard. Once the car gets to reverse gear, the images appear on the touch screen and colored lines indicate how far they are from the car.

Hands free ignition

This technology replaces the traditional key system. It locks and unlocks all doors just by moving it about one of the handles. It comes with a highly sensitive start and stop button for easy operation.

Other technological innovations in Peugeot 308 include architectural efficiency, pure efficiency, and blind spot check among others. If you want to test drive the all-new 308 model in Brisbane, visit HTTP://WWW.CITYPEUGEOTBRISBANE.COM.AU/.

What Can a Brisbane Kia Service Offer You?


If you are looking for a good Brisbane Kia service then you might want to find one from a place that takes care of every single aspect of owning a Kia in the city. You might find different types of vehicles at a dealer alongside an extended variety of services that will cover everything that you want out of a vehicle. You need to use this to ensure that everything will be taken cared of in just one place.

Brisbane Kia service

New and Used Cars

The best Kia dealers Brisbane will provide you with all sorts of fine new and used vehicles. You can choose from an extended variety of attractive Kia vehicles from the smaller Rio or Soul to the larger Sportage and Grand Carnival. Sporty options like the Pro_cee’d can also be found at many dealers.

Aside from finding top picks like the new Kia Rio Brisbane, you also have access to a lot filled with new and used cars. These include different fully-inspected and refurbished vehicles from Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ford, among other brands. Any place that works hard to inspect its vehicles with care will always be worthwhile to you.

What About Car Service?

Let’s say that you got a Kia Sportage Brisbane and you need to have it maintained on a regular basis. You might require such things as oil changes, tuning solutions and much more. Services that can be used as a means of helping you keep your vehicle covered and protected the right way is always good to have. This is where Brisbane Kia service providers may come in handy.

A proper car service station can offer different services to keep your vehicle functional and in the best possible condition. You can get in touch with a new or used Kia dealer to get your car taken cared of in a variety of ways.

Don’t Forget Financing

It is also necessary for a good Brisbane Kia service provider to offer financing on any kind of vehicle that you would want to buy. Whether it is a new Kia or a used one, the financing department at a dealer should provide you with the assistance that you deserve in order to take care of the car.

This financing service can include support for all the aspects of car ownership that you might need to have taken cared of. From loan assistance to acquiring leasing or insurance, they have several options handy to make the transaction easier for you. A good Kia service provider will ensure that owning your dream car doesn’t pose a heavy burden on your finances.

Be sure to get in touch with a company that is capable of offering nothing but the best services for your specific requirements as you acquire a new or used Kia. Contact Toowong Kia at 07 3067 4038 for new car sales, 1300 853 794 for used cars or 1300 853 798 for service if you are looking for information when finding such a car in Brisbane. Visit them online at

Things to consider while buying second hand cars


The changing lifestyles have insisted people to have a vehicle for safe and quick journey. Almost everyone prefers a four wheeler. But let’s face it – buying a new car is never an investment. The moment it’s driven out of the showroom, it loses about 20% of its value. Also, having a brand new car might not always be possible because of the cost. That is where second hand cars come into the picture. If you live in Toowoomba and are looking for a car, then second hand cars Toowoomba has in the market can be your best option.

A car is the second largest purchase made by many families. According to surveys, the present rate of second hand car sales is approximately 80-90% across the world, and is increasing at 25%. There are a number of dealers in the market who sell second hand cars. With the advancement in technology, a customer can also buy used cars online. But before you take a trip to buy second hand cars Toowoomba has today, you must consider a few points such as:

1.      Car budget: Obviously, a second hand car will be cheaper than a brand new one. Nonetheless, compare and analyze the condition of the car you are buying and the price you are being asked to pay.

2.      Spare parts: when people buy new cars, they can be sure of the availability of spare parts. But, when you deal with second hand cars, this might become an issue. Although many online portals offer almost every kind of spare part, it might sometimes become difficult to find the exact piece that you are looking for.

3.      Appearance of the car: When you buy a second hand car, your options regarding the colour and the model will be restricted. Therefore, second hand cars are not for people who are picky. If you are among the people who keep their needs over their choices, then second hand cars are for you. But, that does not mean that you buy the first thing that you see. You must compare the appearance and the price of the car.

4.      Availability: Unlike new cars, second hand cars are available as soon as you make the payment. You won’t have to wait for a couple of months before your purchase as is often the case with new cars.

While buying second hand cars Toowoomba has, it is advisable that you get personally involved in the process. You will get to know the things that need repairs and that will help you narrow down your budget. Along with the appearance of the car, be sure to check the interior as well. The most important part that needs to be checked is the engine. Then you must check the indicators, wipers, and the locks of the cars. Do ask for a long test drive to see how efficient the vehicle is on road. If you want to buy cars Toowoomba has for you, then Len Patti Motors will be one of the best options. They carry an exclusive yet functional collection of Mitsubishi, Great Wall, and Kia second hand cars in Toowoomba and Dalby. With Len Patti Motors, you can get value for your money.

Get the Best Mitsubishi Dealership that Will Meet All Your Needs


Despite your personal reasons for needing a car, the fact is you need a car that can serve you for the longest time possible. This car should be able to fulfil the purpose you acquired it for with the least interruptions such as breakdowns. Besides that you need a car whose parts can easily be accessed. The services should also be are readily available, so that in case of a breakdown or an accident, it can be brought back to the road as soon as possible. You can get this if you find a Mitsubishi dealer.

If you want to buy Mitsubishi Brisbane has, there a number of Mitsubishi dealers available that can serve you. They offer you option that you can choose from depending on what you want. You either get to choose between new and used. Even if you go for the used cars, you still get something that is in the best condition. Under the used category you get Mitsubishi vehicles such as lancer, grandis, Mirage, Asx, Pajero, express, triton among others.

The used category can be suitable for both business and personal use. Your need to improve your mobility by acquiring a new car can be met by getting a Mitsubishi. All of the cars found in the used category are also available as brand new. This gives you a wider area of taste that works to your advantage as you can make better choice. Better still is that you get other models such as iMev and lancer revolution also added to this umbrella. You are in for a nice treat.

Dealers of these cars make life easier further as you get parts and services that you need for your car to keep the good condition. Such services include express check in, air conditioning services, early bird check in, tyre and wheel services among others. A Mitsubishi service Brisbane offers for wheel and tyres involves a full range services that deals with new tyre supply, tyre repairs, wheel alignment and balancing that is computerised, and tyre rotation.

Mitsubishi servicing for air conditioning covers areas such as pressure tests, gas and oil level checks, temperature efficiency test, temperature check, air and moisture evacuation, expelling of any bad odours within the vehicles vents and many others. This service is specifically designed to ensure that your vehicle operates at its optimum. When air conditioners fail to work as required, this means your vehicle will also not run as required, and may end up increasing the rate of fuel consumption, just to mention but a few.

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi dealer that you can bestow your trust upon, Toowong Mitsubishi is always ready to receive you any time of the day. Here you find professionalism and excellence rarely found in this industry. With knowledge and expertise specialised for Mitsubishi, your car is in for the best treat. Drive in along Milton Road Toowong, Qeensland for a whole new Mitsubishi experience.

Car That Will Ease Your Budget But Get You the Best Experience


Getting a car would be a great solution as you attempt to improve your movement around the city. The children will be dropped to school faster; going shopping will be easier, as time spent waiting for the bus to go to work will be saved. However the only setback to this great plan is the fact that your budget is a little short of what you need to get a new car. This puts at a position where though you want to get a new car, your finances cannot allow. The good news is you can get used Mitsubishi cars that will work around your budget.

Let not the title “used” deceive you from getting a car. These cars are still in their best condition, with good mileage. In terms of service, they will surely serve you for more years to come. Your desire to own a car can now be fulfilled thanks to Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi offers a wide range of used car that you can acquire at reasonable prices, both in SUV and Saloon models. These include Mirage, ASX, lancer, Grandis, lancer, Pajero, Express and many others.

In short, Whatever Mitsubishi model you want can be found among the used cars. A used Mitsubishi ASX comes as a combination of versatility and safety that most SUV models offer. Its outstanding compact shape allows you to squeeze it in narrow packing lots within the city area. This also gives you an edge as you manoeuvre around the city area. One thing that people will stop and look at is the how stylish is has be made with chrome trims and alloy wheels.

With six different models within this range, you are offered a wide choice of SUV cars that can carry up five people with comfort. The hatch can also be extended to carry more people given the need. The used Mitsubishi Mirage offers the fun of driving small cars if you are not into SUV. Manoeuvrability that comes with the size enables this car to be able to enter anywhere a car is permitted. It offers safety, comfort and space that can carry up to five people with ease.

Having the latest technology in it gives you the best experience as you drive. If you are looking for a car that offers features such as air conditioning and power steering in a manner that its peers do not offer, a used Mitsubishi Lancer will fit just perfectly. With an economical fuel consumption and great power of up to 113Kw, you are in for a great experience. Other benefits tagged along include double air bags and Mitsubishi warranty.

There is only one place you can get these used Mitsubishi vehicles worth coveting. With quality services that will ensure that your vehicle is in the best condition and your mind has peace, Brisbane City Mitsubishi is the answer to all you Mitsubishi questions. Visit the website to experience firsthand information on these cars. Drop by the office and get exposed to w whole new level of auto mobiles.

Get the Best Prime Mover that Will Move Your Business into the Next Level


The business of transporting goods from one place to another demands a lot. This can be evident especially when you are dealing with transportation of goods from one major city to another. If you are dealing with goods in large quantities, then you need a means of transportation that will make sure they reach their destination in the best condition. There are a number of new Japanese trucks that can do the work just for you.

new japanese trucks
new japanese trucks

Sizes and carrying capacity

There are different types and models of new Japanese trucks that will do your work perfectly. You can select depending on the size you want. When it comes to size you can select from either medium or heavy duty depending on what you want to transport. The medium duty ranges carry between 11000 kilograms to 16,500 kilograms while the heavy ones can carry up to 26,000 kilograms.

Technological distinction

Aside from size, you also need to know what you are getting in terms of the kind of technology within the prime mover. These include factors such as speed, engine power, and torque among other things. Technology is what will ensure that the truck you choose is durable, reliable and friendly to the environment.  For instance for the medium duty trucks such as the Condor MK series, you can choose between two options: either the six speed manual or the five speed automatic.

However when it comes to engine power and torque, you get the same power which is 160 to 206 Kilowatts with a 2500 revolutions per minute, and a torque of 716 to 883 Newton meters for every 2500 revolutions per minute. The other medium sized truck range is the PK series that also offers its own advantages such as comfort and safety. Among the standard features to choose from is either between leaf spring and air suspensions depending on your freight needs.

In terms of speed, these new Japanese trucks offer more variety. The manual options come in five six or nine speed, while the automatic options give you six or a nine speed gear.

The Quon which is a heavy duty option has been designed to match your business needs to an interstate level. This offers you a twelve speed gear with an engine power of 278 kilowatts for every 1800 revolutions per minute. For every 950 revolutions per minute it gives a torque of 1790 Newton meters.

There are many companies that make these prime movers, however to get something that will be durable, reliable and safe to the environment you need a UD truck. These trucks offer more than you can ask for including comfort and safety. They give you the best output in your delivery business whether it is within the state or it is interstate. To get your hands on these quality trucks just visit the website and you will have an opportunity to choose from a variety of trucks like no other.

To locate a place where you can buy new trucks, simply go to the section on the website to the right upper side written locate a dealer. From here you will have made the most important step towards getting on how to purchase prime mover.  Subscribe to our website now :