Get the Best Prime Mover that Will Move Your Business into the Next Level

The business of transporting goods from one place to another demands a lot. This can be evident especially when you are dealing with transportation of goods from one major city to another. If you are dealing with goods in large quantities, then you need a means of transportation that will make sure they reach their destination in the best condition. There are a number of new Japanese trucks that can do the work just for you.

new japanese trucks
new japanese trucks

Sizes and carrying capacity

There are different types and models of new Japanese trucks that will do your work perfectly. You can select depending on the size you want. When it comes to size you can select from either medium or heavy duty depending on what you want to transport. The medium duty ranges carry between 11000 kilograms to 16,500 kilograms while the heavy ones can carry up to 26,000 kilograms.

Technological distinction

Aside from size, you also need to know what you are getting in terms of the kind of technology within the prime mover. These include factors such as speed, engine power, and torque among other things. Technology is what will ensure that the truck you choose is durable, reliable and friendly to the environment.  For instance for the medium duty trucks such as the Condor MK series, you can choose between two options: either the six speed manual or the five speed automatic.

However when it comes to engine power and torque, you get the same power which is 160 to 206 Kilowatts with a 2500 revolutions per minute, and a torque of 716 to 883 Newton meters for every 2500 revolutions per minute. The other medium sized truck range is the PK series that also offers its own advantages such as comfort and safety. Among the standard features to choose from is either between leaf spring and air suspensions depending on your freight needs.

In terms of speed, these new Japanese trucks offer more variety. The manual options come in five six or nine speed, while the automatic options give you six or a nine speed gear.

The Quon which is a heavy duty option has been designed to match your business needs to an interstate level. This offers you a twelve speed gear with an engine power of 278 kilowatts for every 1800 revolutions per minute. For every 950 revolutions per minute it gives a torque of 1790 Newton meters.

There are many companies that make these prime movers, however to get something that will be durable, reliable and safe to the environment you need a UD truck. These trucks offer more than you can ask for including comfort and safety. They give you the best output in your delivery business whether it is within the state or it is interstate. To get your hands on these quality trucks just visit the website and you will have an opportunity to choose from a variety of trucks like no other.

To locate a place where you can buy new trucks, simply go to the section on the website to the right upper side written locate a dealer. From here you will have made the most important step towards getting on how to purchase prime mover.  Subscribe to our website now :

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