Legal Steps to Take Following a Construction Accident

A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to work in. Hence, contractors and employers have a legal responsibility to protect and ensure the safety of all construction workers. This is achieved by providing a safe and secure work environment for them, such as providing them with all of the essential safety equipment and gear. But there are times wherein construction accident will happen despite your best efforts at preventing them. If you know someone who has gone through this or if you personally had experienced it, your knowledge on what legal steps to take is important. This will ensure that you will be properly compensated and that the party at fault will be legally accountable for it.

Seek Emergency Help

The first thing to do during a construction injury, as with auto accident or pedestrian accident, is always to seek medical help. You can call 911 or dispatch a medical and emergency team within the site. It is important to seek immediate medical help in order to protect the life of the victim (or victims, depending on the type of incident). You should also document all the names of the victims and other details of the accident. If you can document it via photo or video, that will also provide more substantial evidence for investigating the cause of the accident later on in court.

Report the Accident

When you have contacted emergency medical help, the next thing to do is seek legal assistance. If possible, talk to a lawyer who specializes in construction accident or the similar type of situations. They will be able to provide you with adequate legal assistance since they are the ones most equipped to handle these types of cases.

The lawyer will also help you in filing a complaint form to OSHA or any similar organizations within your area. They will keep a log of your complaint, which can be beneficial in the investigation of the case and for filing your worker’s compensation claim.

Speaking of the worker’s compensation claim, it is the legal duty of the employer to provide insurance for their employees working in a construction site. Since this type of job is considered hazardous, it is a must for each construction worker to be covered by such type of insurance. This claim will also be helpful for the family as the person involved in the accident won’t be able to report for work due to the injuries sustained during the construction accident.

Choose an Experienced Law Firm

If you haven’t talked to a lawyer at this point, it is important that you should. A lawyer experienced in handling accident or injury cases at work or due to vehicle collision can help you out. They can streamline the process of handling the legal paper works due to their knowledge and expertise. Plus, they can advise you on what to do when filing a claim, especially if the injury is a bit serious. They will serve as your voice in pursuing your legal rights in terms of getting the compensation you deserve. You may also check the website at

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