Maintaining Your Peugeot to be One of Your Best Cars Ever

Peugeot is a French car manufacturer, part of Group PSA, which started as a family business founded in 1880. The Peugeot brand is known for its reliability as its 1950s and 1960s models are still running in Africa and 2010s. According to Mike Costello, French car makers are making more headway with Australian car buyers this year, based on sales statistics of the first two months and the Peugeot is among these French cars. Purchasing and owning new cars in Brisbane is not cheap. Thus, it is important to maintain and regularly service your Brisbane Peugeot car. This article highlights basic tips to consider keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Washing, polishing and waxing

The first process of maintaining your Brisbane Peugeot car is by taking care of its finish. This is done by washing, polishing and waxing the car regularly thus preserving its appearance for the future. Washing is done by use of a car shampoo which removes dirt gently and a lamb’s wool mitt can be used to sweep the debris without scratching the finish. After every cleaning, polishing should be done by using a special wheel with a soft pad and a polishing compound and later apply a coat of wax to seal the finish of the car.

Clean interior

A Brisbane Peugeot car with a well maintained interior is pleasurable to drive and remains in good shape in case of a resale. The interior maintenance involves occasional vacuuming of the fabric and carpet and at least once a year steam cleaning with the help of various cleaning products. Also apply an interior polish in order to add moisture to the trim of the car and prevent drying and cracking of the plastic on the dashboard and other areas. Click here Brisbane City Automotive

Oil change and alignment

Another important factor to consider is changing the oil of your Peugeot which is needed to keep its engine lubricated and running smoothly. There is information in the owner’s manual that will guide you on how often to change oil of your particular model, and on the oil viscosity best for your vehicle engine. You can also visit a Brisbane new car dealer in case of any enquiries. Also ensure you check the alignment of your Peugeot. This is the orientation of the wheels as poor alignment creates wear on the tyre.

Tyres and storage

To maintain the tyres of your vehicle, keep them inflated. Tyres are rated for a recommended air pressure which is at the sidewall of the tyre. This helps to reduce wear from driving and strain on other parts of the car. You can use an air gauge to quickly check air pressure. Also, it’s important to store your automobile inside or under cover to preserve the finish of the car and its internal components. When you expose your car to sun, rain and cold weather, it wears over time.

With proper car maintenance, a Peugeot can last for many years. For information on how to buy a new car or for a visit to a Brisbane used car dealer,  visit

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