Professional Microsoft OneNote Training in Australia

The Microsoft OneNote is one of the least known of the MS applications that are freely available on your computer. It is one of the most powerful tools that the IT professionals use in the gathering, organizing and managing useful information that they and their team members can use when managing projects. It is therefore an important project management tool for anyone. However, not all of us are very familiar with this useful tool and that is why there is need for the Microsoft OneNote training in order to equip you with the right sets of skills that you can use to exploit the full capabilities of this tool in your projects.

The Microsoft OneNote training course is targeted at the end users. Through this course, various technologists can master the useful skills and knowledge that they need in order to properly organize information more efficiently both for personal and professional use. Some of the areas where this software tool is normally widely deployed is in the importation and commenting on the requirements documents for various projects. Through this important productivity tool, it is also possible to collect notes during meetings and also share these meeting notes amongst various peers that you are working with.

With the use of the Microsoft OneNote, it is possible to easily streamline important projects, carry out research, as well as task lists. You can use OneNote is a powerful note-taking tool and through the Microsoft OneNote training in order for keeping track of various ideas that you want organized for a particular project, organizing these ideas or notes, sharing the notes, and simply getting the work done more effectively. The OneNote training course helps you to fully maximize this tool for success.

The OneNote training course that is provided by the New Horizons Learning Centre is one of the most professional training courses that you can undertake in order to master this useful Microsoft tool and it comes with plenty of perks that you will certainly appreciate. For example, there are 6 month free course repeats, easy online access to the course content, and a 60 day helpdesk support after you have completed the course program. This is an important value that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in Australia.

The New Horizons OneNote training covers various versions of the OneNote application including the OneNote 2007, the OneNote 2010 and the OneNote 2013. You will cover various skills that will equip you to better realize the full potential of the OneNote. These include the following areas:

·         How to navigate as well as customize the interface of the program

·         How you can modify a notebook with OneNote

·         How you can media as well as images to the notebook

·         How you can manage the history as well as the backups in the notebook interface

·         How you can work with the excel sheets in the OneNote as well as other embedded files

·         Learn how you can share the notebooks and also collaborate with your team members using the OneNote application.

·         Learn how to finalize your notebooks with the application.

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