Small Business Insurance: What Commercial Insurance Brokers want you to know

Every business should have an insurance cover, but as an amateur business owner, you may find it difficult to sail through the maze of providers and planks. Talking to an experienced business person is the best place to start, but commercial insurance brokers are familiar with various business needs, and can guide you on the best course to take for your business. Read on the following tips and tricks from commercial insurance brokers:

Begin with the business owner’s policy

For the cheapest and wide spectrum coverage, it is better to start with the business owner’s policy for your business. The business owner’s policy comprises of both the general liability and property insurance. It also covers for events that cause property damage, suspended operations and lawsuits. Depending on the kind of business that you run, and the total number of your employees, you may need additional insurance covers. However, a business owner’s policy offers the basic protection from business losses.

It is vital to approach different commercial insurance brokers and hold conversations about business owner’s policy – what it covers and what it does not cover, and decide whether your business requires additional coverage or not.

Cheap is expensive

When getting your business off the ground, it is important to maintain a low budget.  For various expenses, it is better to choose the least expensive option. But when it comes to business insurance, you should not consider cost alone.  Look for an insurer that provides a policy that is within your budget. Also, the provider should be able to offer business support services and comprehensive coverage.

Choose the most ideal carrier for your business requirements – there are many of them, so, look beyond the price and ensure an agent has experience in your field and a good quote. Be keen when selecting your insurance provider. Ensure that the commercial broker has purchasing power, negotiation skills and expertise in your field, and also offers various such as risk management services.

Expect an audit in your first policy period

Typically, the cost of your business insurance policy is based on the annual gross sales. As a new business without any sales history, your premium will be calculated from the estimate of your first annual sales. Your business will either be audited during the first year or at the end of the policy period. The premiums may also change based on the true sales. Therefore, ensure that you practice accuracy in your sales records, so that you avoid hidden surprises.

Consider all possibilities for the future of your business

Although things such illness, disability or an accident cannot threaten your business viability, it is wise to consider the status of your business if these events were to take place. As a small business owner, you should consider the ramifications of the revenue loss as well as succession of the business you have strived diligently to achieve. Check out Oracle Group

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