The priceless benefits of sending your child to an early years day care centre

No matter how good the reputation of an early years day care centre is, sending off your little one for their first days in school is never easy. It cannot be helped, but you would feel anxious about how they will do at the centre. But, you should take heart—it will pay off in a number of important ways! Take a look at child care centre cairns.


child care centre cairns


Here’s why you should send your child to a day care centre:

  • It paves the way for your child to have higher academic advancement in the future.

According to a study, children who had early childhood education had higher academic and cognitive achievement scores as teens compared to those who had not. Specifically, 90% of the sample who achieved high scores were found to have undergone daycare programs before the age of 4.

However, the study also emphasised that these children also received their education from quality day care centres, so the process of selecting a centre also plays a significant role.

  • It improves your child’s communication skills.

Children in day care centres are also found to be more intuitive. Apparently, these centres apply an effective method of letting children communicate by adjusting their speech based on who they are talking to.

Another study also discovered that the more days children spend in day care, the better they are able to adjust how they communicate with other children in various social situations. Learn more about child care centre cairns

  • It creates a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Sending your child to an early years day care centre will make them familiar with the school. They will be able to adjust to what is going on in this institution. Thus, it will not be difficult for them to transition to formal schooling. Visit at Lady Gowrie

  • It lets your child socialise with their peers.

While you can arrange regular play dates for your child to be with other children in your neighbourhood, you can further improve how they socialise with their peers by sending them to kindy day care. They will get to spend more time around each other in a structured, friendly, and safe environment. They will develop their sense of cooperation and helpfulness while they are still growing up and building their personalities.

  • It allows your child to interact with other adults.

At a young age, your child most often interacts with you as parents and other older members of the family than other people. By placing them in kinder vacancies, they will be able to engage with other adults, such as their teachers and other parents. This removes feelings of discomfort in meeting other people for the first time as they grow up.

Send your child to Lady Gowrie

While sending your child to day care may create a feeling of anxiety in both you and your child, you should remember that there is clear evidence that children will benefit from it over the long term. Just find a quality centre where your child will be properly mentored, supported, engaged, and trained to have a positive attitude towards education.

Now, for the best early years day care centre in Queensland, you can check out Lady Gowrie. They have a strong heritage in providing early childhood education for many families in the state.